About Hi World and “Not Expecting a revolution”

Hi World

Under the new name “Hi World” Sofie Guillois Larsen should have released “Not Expecting a Revolution” in 2013. Unfortunately the distribution company VME didn’t do their job. The struggles in the music branch were to hard at that moment, and despite Sofie got another distribution company, she just gave up.

The Story about Hi World, harpcore and Sofie

“Hi World” is a successor of the harpcore project from where we have seen happenings and music www.harpcore.com. After a number of years in a classical harpist career, Sofie Guillois Larsen (founder, composer and lead singer in Hi World), gradually began working intensely with live-based computer music and political happenings.

In 2006 the harpcore band was established consisting of two harps, percussion, bass, live-electronics, vocals and visuals. The music was a danceable mix of house, electronica, pop, classical harp music and spoken words.

During the first year, harpcore played several successful concerts at Danish festivals and other venues.

In October 2007 the CD album This Could be Harpcore (Flexicurity Punk/VME) was released, and harpcore made a little series of concerts on that occasion. Although the reviews of the cd and the concerts were extremely positive, they didn’t get any kind of national, international or commercial breakthrough. Sofie and the harpcore band were heavily acclaimed for their originality and performance, but exactly because of this originality there were no special target groups, scenes or niche suited for them, and it was extremely hard to book a job, and impossible to get a manager. In 2009 Sofie got the Chronic Fatigue Disease due to a Mononucleosis, and in 2010 she got a child. The next release was then extremely delayed, and so much had changed, so she decided to create ”Hi World” as a pop branch of harpcore.

In Hi World everything is transformed into a pop song in the language of superpowers, and in French when it’s about sex (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE3qtJlZcVE).The sound is meant to be as commercial as it is economically, personally and artistically possible.

Not expecting a revolution

Not expecting a revolution is a song collection describing people in very different difficult situations, but with the same expectation of not getting any help (from the society). No matter what form of government, they are not the ones to be helped. They hope, act and scorn during the 7 songs.

Lyrics and music is made by Sofie, except ”Hey Jameymen” which is an arrangement mostly made by Diamond Duggal of the song ”Hej søster” by ”Trille”, the icon of the Danish feminist movement in the 1970’s.

The Chinese songs are arranged in collaboration with K.Y.D (http://www.myspace.com/mysonnoah).

Diamond Duggal (www.djswami.com) mixed and mastered and took part in the final production on everything except the two songs ”Money or love” and ”The Winner” produced by Jonas Tranberg.

The London based Diamond Duggal/DJ Swami is mostly known for for his English-Indian hits and as a DJ and prizewinning producer. Sofie met him in London shortly after his production of Shania Twains ”Up”, but they didn’t work together until the end of 2012, when Sofie sent him the draft of ”Hey Jameymen”.